Everything Just Died

As far as Dennis could see, Denver laid in ruins. Everyone he loved was dead. Dread and despair filled his being, and for what felt like the 50th time; he cried. His will to live was fading fast. “The end of my world has finally happened. Hasn’t it?”  Dennis thought to himself as he looked out of his third-floor apartment window in disbelief. Looking for any sign of life, all he could see was burning buildings and death.

Dennis did not know what to do. The water ran out a week ago, and he had eaten the last of Jenny his beloved wife. Soon the air filtration system would shut down in his penthouse and he would be infected. If he left the apartment he would risk infection, if he stayed another day he would die of starvation. He felt paralyzed. Months of anxiety and stress had left him numb. Dennis had no choice if he wanted to live, he would have to find food and if he was lucky, some medical supplies.

I no longer believe the lies of my government. Our leaders have left us all to die. When the going got thought, the leaders stole the resources for themselves and left us all to die. “These greedy fuckers, should I have expected any different from these parasites?”, Dennis thought to himself. He was immediately angry at his naivety.

Nobody knew where the viruses cames from or how dangerous it was. In the early days, they said that the symptoms were similar to the common flu. The symptoms were indeed mild for most healthy individuals. Some didn’t even have any symptoms at all. W.H.O. and most of the world’s scientists concurred.

But little did we know that this was just the beginning.



(3 viruses are ravaging the world and Dennis is dying alone in his Baltimore apartment.)


Ignorant politicians more concerned with rating than taking the threat seriously doomed us from the very start. The viruses took over the world in just a matter of days, t all the governments of the world could do is watch, as they scrambled to fund the agencies they pillard in peacetime.

A short story by Desmond James Coates – Photo by Dimhou is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA


Photo by lukaszdylka is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

Photo by lukaszdylka is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA