Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Speed Greens
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Ships to Canada Provinces: British Columbia (Only)
British Columbia, Canada V5K 1A4

Our mission is to bring our customers quality products, at the lowest price with the best service in the industry.

That is why we are Canada’s premier online marijuana dispensary! Our company is comprised of passionate individuals who firmly believe in the healing aspects of marijuana.

We offer our clients a user-friendly platform where you’re only a few clicks away from guaranteed delivery of the highest quality marijuana products right to your front door-step.

You’ll never have to worry again where your cannabis products are coming from!

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Canada Weed Prices

Toronto, Ontario $150 an ounce high quality July1, 2020
Etobicoke, Ontario $250 an ounce high quality July 3rd, 2020
Montreal, Quebec $150 an once medium quality July, 2020
Montreal, Quebec $31 5 grams medium quality June 28, 2020
Montreal, Quebec $80 an ounce low quality June 28, 2020
Vancouver, British Columbia $250 an ounce high quality June 28, 2020
Regina, Saskatchewan $175 an ounce high quality June, 3 2020
Toronto, Ontario $5 a gram low quality October 26, 2019
Windsor, Ontario $191 an ounce high quality October 25, 2019
Langley, British Columbia $70 a quarter medium quality June 24, 2020
Wainwright, Alberta $115 an ounce low quality October 23, 2019
Richmond, British Columbia $71 an ounce medium quality October 23, 2019
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