The Creation of a Monster CCP

Are we now suffering the consequences of pandering to China? With the spread of COVID-19 and the implication that China’s political party may have not only developed it but carelessly allowed it to spread from the Wuhan Virology Lab. The laboratory near the so-called ground zero markets. Finding no straight forward answers from Beijing, everyone, including me wants to know what’s going on. The CCP government has once again threatened humanity, and once again they are lying about it.

While the WHO commended China. I knew as much as anybody with a connection to some media, that China was hiding the truth!? Days later. Reports started to come out of Wuhan. Reports that China’s CCP government was clamping down on any doctors reporting what they were seeing on their watch had emerged. China was trying to hide something. Youtube videos of people dying in the streets. The forced quarantines. The interrogation of citizens just making simple inquiries on social media. China was coming down hard on its populace.

China is an obviously dystopian society controlled by a group of overlords who uses the populace for their own enrichment, even organ transplant of innocent people (Falun Dafa) followers is justified, over 1 million people may have perished. Why do North America, UK any civilized society ignore these grievances? Our government for decades has been complicit in ignoring and enabling the regime to get strong on the backs of our workforce. Has money become such a corrupting factor that we would shoot ourselves in the face for a dollar? It seems like it.

Always Tow The Line, CCP Takes Control

Continuing. Being that 9 out of 10 “doctors” are card-carrying members of the China Communist Party, very little was coming out of the hospitals. The horrifying story of Dr.Li Wenliang’s attempt to warn of the epidemic only to have been treated like a criminal by the Chinese regime. Dr. Li Wenliang eventually went on to contract COVID-19 and die. R.I.P, sir, you are a hero. If there is a heaven, may you bask in all it’s glory.

To North Americans he is a hero, we need to ask ourselves questions about a government who would treat such a man with complete disdain.

The CCP government narrative was that the virus originated in Wuhan “WET MARKET” by a bat. A simple investigation found that the market sold no bats, only seafood. Many

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