China might be testing nuclear weapons what happens if kim jeong-hoon dies Hong Kong is under attack that and more on this week’s China News headlines.
China may be conducting secret nuclear tests that’s according to a new report from the US government there’s an international agreement called the comprehensive nuclear-test-ban treaty China the US and 182 other countries have signed it but China may have violated the tree by testing nuclear weapons this Wall Street Journal article shows.
The Chinese nuclear testing site called lop nerve the US government believes there are nuclear tests going on there that violate the treaty the accusations originally came from the State Department report which says China maintained a high level of activity at its
Lawton or nuclear weapons test site throughout 2019 while it offers no actual
proof of nuclear testing it does raise concerns regarding China’s adherence to
the zero yield standard adhered to by the United States the United Kingdom and
Of course, China completely denies it Buju position will be China will never accept the accusations made by the US and strongly opposes them but here’s the funny thing China could be testing nukes but not actually violating the nuclear test ban treaty because while China signed the treaty in 1996 they still haven’t Atta fide it so technically they’re not bound by it that being said.