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One of the big differences you’re seeing now I guess between managing a retail store and grow I know there’s probably a lot more interpersonal relations but I mean you have to like you know more you know you’re talking to customers you’re not more so kind of behind the scenes but any like major contrast that really stick out to you um you know when I was managing the garden Bahia Cascadia I didn’t really fully grasp how hard it is to pick the right strings to have the right timing you know it’s like great to have a diverse menu but if your diversity in your menu is coming from strings that everybody has it’s not really diversity sorry say that again a bit more work maybe two up to yes sir well no I mean from a retailer perspective it’s great that you have ten strains but if they’re the same ten strains that my other distributor has then it doesn’t do me any good.

I don’t need for different guerrilla glue cuts on my shelf because I’m gonna have to a explain to the customer why I have four different gorilla blues and B that’s for the same profile like four of the same experience that really limits my ability to show the customer you know the diverse option of products to choose from so yeah maybe my eights range from $50 down to $30 of gorilla glue but like it really it doesn’t do me any justice I guess so when I was a grower I used to be upset that like I couldn’t just throw a hundred pounds of the jack you know because it was good and cuz of you look really high but nobody needs a hundred pounds of Jack Herer on their shelves so we start kind of like I think I think that’s so interesting because it’s like your now you know looking at the other side of things when you were grower you know you now you see that the reason they didn’t you know retailers don’t do that so recommendation wise for a brand would you say you want to have a lot of diverse strange and exotic strains or what’s like a recommendation if you could just like put together a little coalition of the different types of strains different you know just yeah I would say 50 percent of your genetics should be shifting I would say they’re like bringing me a menu that shifts around whether you’re like sourcing clones or you know you’re actually germinating seeds or whatever it is but I’d love to see like 25% of the strains that everybody knows like kakapo Google Jack Herer things like that Thanks oh geez classics got any bud tender knows what that tastes like any bunch under like I can tell you oh this is a good sativa this is a good indicator then the rest of your menu like maybe you have some eye Cascadia we call them the four horsemen they were the strains that like carried our brand so like the bear that’s one that nobody else had but was like very linked to the brand of the company and so I always want to have that on the menu and then the other 50% is like okay throw me in a black mamba or throw me in and what did I just see Oh saws is a crazy mimosa cross that is not the same MO most across as everybody else is the most across so that’s pretty cool yeah Club 9 has some weird strains right now Slimer they’re sly marries crazy kind of like a green crack yeah it’s good so you’re saying a bit of you want to have some familiarity right I guess from the bud tenders like the classics that people love and then yeah so you kind of just want to get be different step away from the pack just another way to separate yourself right yeah and then the rest is just keep it kind of you know keep the stream flowing you want to keep some fresh water coming into fresh strains coming in do that okay that’s awesome yeah because yeah like I said I don’t need to carry four different gorilla glue cuts on the shelf I don’t need to absolutely yeah but also if you have a bit like a strain like bear I want to be able to carry the bear every once in a while because it has name recognition even though it is just your strain

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