Amazon executives described Smalls as “not smart or articulate.” Smalls was fired after organizing a walkout over employee safety at Amazon’s Staten Island warehouse.

Unions Fight for Workers!

Why Are Unions Important to every collard workers in the world? It’s because they fight for the rights of workers against the corporate owners who want to maximize their profits by underpaying and risking the lives (in some instances) of the workers who make their products.

Power corrupts, greed breeds evil. If we don’t have unions fighting for our rights, then who will?

What is Chris Smalls Fighting For?

Chris Smalls was the Amazon worker who was fired by Amazon because “he ignored social distancing measures”. Ironic, being that Chris Smalls was advocating that Amazon didn’t care about the health of workers by making them work without hazard pay and PPEs. Soon after Mr. Smalls took the picket lines to advocate for better treatment and protection he got fired. A timely circumstance that is hardly coincidental. He was fired because he spoke out.