From 2nd Poorest Country to Fastest Growing Economy in the World | Sir Seretse Khama’s Botswana


An Example for All Societies

As corruption ravages, the people’s wealth around the world is given it to the entitled and connected. The people starve a little bit more year after year. The Botswana economy is an example of how to fight corruption and make an equitable society in which all benefit.

Opportunity is Based on Character and Ambition, not Entitlement

Imagine if we lived in a society that gave merit to those who really deserved it. The thinkers, innovators and workers of our societies would receive exactly what they were worth. The best and fairest ideas would always win. Instead of heading into suicidal self-destruction of the earth, we would be living in a balanced and sustainable society because of the ideology that is most ethical & fair would be implemented. But greed forces the CEO to manipulate, cheat and lie to boost their stocks. The heads of the industries believe that human life is dispensable and human suffering a matter of inconvenience in search of the all mighty dollar that fuels their psychopathic lust for attention.

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