“The Matrix” Changed Me

Back in the late ’90s, I went to see a movie called The Matrix, and it changed my thinking about who we are as “humans.” Could I be living in a Matrix and not know it? Ever since then, I have been wondering if we really do live in a simulated universe created by some extraterrestrial beings from another dimension or galaxy.

So hypothetically, if our world is a program, then we must have bugs. Right? Unless the civilization that created the simulation with code so advanced, that it is bug-free. I do doubt that the complex world I know is without its unforeseen circumstances. With a programme as complicated as the Universe, there have to be some glitches somewhere.

Perfect Caos Theory

How is it possible that we still exist? War, Genocide, The Destruction of Natural Resources for Profit. Our world is on a slow burn and has been for thousands of years. Our politicians are greedy psychopaths. Corporations care only about profit and protecting their illusions, the suffering be dammed. Yet, the quality of life for the majority of humans is the best it’s ever been in the entirety of human civilization. We have fewer people living in abject poverty than ever before. Human suffering is at it’s lowest in human history, or so I think.

This world should not be functioning. Maybe the consequences are yet to reveal themselves. But it is amazing we’ve made it this far.

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