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Why Linux is better than Microsoft or Mac


It’s been over 2 years since I have made the big switch over to Linux from Windows 7. The thought of having to upgrade to Windows 8 or even worst Windows 10 was more than I could handle. So I looked into Linux and boy I’m glad I did.

No More Defragging

Imagine not having to worry about defragging your drive every other day. Imagine not worrying about an infection every time you open an email. Imagine your computer hardly crashing ever! That’s Linux.

Everything is FREE, almost!

The best part of Linux is that it’s FREE! And if you are worried about not being able to do what you did in windows, don’t. I am a developer that interacts with many different OS on a daily basis. There’s free software to make up for the ones you were using in  Windows or Mac.

Linux for Windows Users
Download Linux FREE now: https://linuxmint.com/
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