Frome Data Broker to Military Contractor

From humble beginnings, Google has grown from a college project started by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who were Ph.D. students at Stanford. To now, what it is quickly becoming the largest purveyor of information the world has ever know. Bigger than even the NSA. What they do with that data is anybody’s guess.

Slowly but surely Google’s Power Increases Every Year

Although the feature video is fake, Boston Dynamics (a subsidiary of Google) is very real and is trying to build something even more horrifying.

The Real Boston Dynamics

Imagine what this machine will look like in 10 years, 20 even.

Everything Google Owns

A – Alphabet / Android / AdSense / Analytics / Ara / AdMob / Alerts
B – Blogger / Boston Dynamics / Books
C – Calico / Cardboard / Capital
D – Drive / DeepMind / Design / DoubleClick
E – Earth / Express
F – Fiber / Fi / Flights / FeedBurner / Firebase / Finance
G – Google / Gmail / Glass / Groups
H – Hangouts
I – Images / Ingress / Inbox / Invite Media
J – Jump
K – Keep
L – Life Sciences / Local / Loon
M – Maps / My Business / Makani
N – Nest / News / Nexus / Now
O – Offers
P – Plus / Play / Photos / Picasa / Pixate / Patents
Q – (Nexus) Q
R – Refine / reCaptcha
S – Search / Shopping / SageTV /Stackdriver / Skybox / Skia / Scholar
T – Translate / Tango
U – N/A
V – Voice / Ventures / VirusTotal / Video
W – Wallet / Wing
X – X Labs
Y – YouTube
Z – Project Z / Zagat

Google Moving Away from Military Contract Due to Internal Pressure

Engineers, developers, programmers and the rest of Google staff have started to speak out against military contracts. But who knows how long till greed gives in.

Billionairism is a Mental Illness That Needs to be Treated with Taxation

Billionairism is a real disease, and the people who suffer from it, truly believe they are the sole creators of their immense wealth, not the inheritances, the subsidies, tax cuts, tax shelters, and countless human beings they exploited to be we they are. Shameless greed that will eventually destroy us all. Their only solution is to buy bunkers in the Netherlands and wait for the inevitable apocalypse.

150 Billion and Mr. Bezos Dreams of More

What compels a person to try and so much money, more than they would ever spend. The cost of human life and the earth herself. They will never be able to spend it all. When you’ve done it all, maybe controlling the world (or mars) is all that can appease a sociopath who suffers from Billinairism.


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